A mislili ste da nema toliko puno bugova nakon 2.4 , HA HA HA

Posto sam poceo primjecivati sve vise bugova u 2.4, pomislio koliko ih zapravo ima i da li se netko sjetio to sve to popisati. Na moje odusevljenje ili mozda bolje, razocarenje nasao sam thread u kojem se decko stvarno potrudio i popisao sve bugove i sve exploite. Ugodno vam citanje.

V) = Verified (3 or more people have witnessed and/or are able to reproduce it)
(U) = Unverified (Reported but not yet currently verified)
(A) = Acknowledged (The devs have acknowledged that THIS is a problem)
(*) = A detailed report has been logged and will be submitted to the devs


1. The menus (If you have text overlay or missing buttons keep adjusting the resolution you MAY find one that is acceptable) (V) (A)
2. On some of the random spawn/objective maps sometimes the objective disappears (V)
3. On pipeline map vent under pc has an invisible wall bug that you occasionally get caught on (move side to side while attempting to move forward and backwards) (V)
4. Server filter settings are not saved/applied from last deployment session (V) (*)
5. No sound when game is minimized (V) (*)
6. Player is not automatically sent to weapons selections screen when match is over (V) (*)
7. The 203 bug where you have to drop it and pick it back up again to get it to work still exists (V)
8. Spelling errors in SF Courtyard (Southeast Gaurd Tower) Urban (Cental Building) (V)
9. You cannot move while ANY F screen (F1,F2,F3,F4 etc.) is up (V) (*)
10. Sound roll off is now .5 instead of 1 as in 2.3 making sounds almost impossible to hear (V) (A)
11. Objectives can be taken with no sound (V)
12. See thru bushes (V)
13. Major differences in ping between F1 and F6 and “Stat net” (V)
14. Single player maps sometimes fail to open (Use start command instead of open) (V) (A)
15. Clicking the deploy in the missions screen no longer sets the server browser to filter only the selected maps/mission types (V) (A)
16. Error: Unknown in white in the console, accompanied by the game menu coming up while still in-game (V) Intermittent Auth Error (A)
17. Multiple medics on the same fire team (V)
18. FPS indicator is too small and usually located on top of other text making it unreadable (V)
19. If you load a weapon to 31 bullets drop it then pick it back up it has only 30 bullets (V) (*)
20. Players becoming invisible in certain spots/distances on SF Blizzard while using NV (V)
21. Door breacher does not always attach to door but instead will attach to YOU (V)
22. Somtimes it is impossible to go prone when you are on/near a corpse (V) (*)
23. In SF Courtyard a nade thrown into the bell tower may disappear (V)
24. In WC/SE a nade thrown through the corner of 3rd floor window may disappear (V)
25. When throwing smoke everyting looks ok to you BUT the somke will sometimes NOT appear at all on the other players screens (V) (*)
26. If you have nightvision on at the end of a round the screens are unreadable due to the NV overlay sill being active (Turn off manually) (V) (*)
27. In SF Courtyard sometimes the door breacher explosion animation/sound does not trigger, the door just flips open (V)
28. In CSAR RPG explosions and flash grenades can go through walls and kill the pilot (V)
29. Sometimes your name/weapon choice will disappear in the weapons selection screen (select a NEW open slot) (V)
30. Teammates sometimes have opfor skins (Not just when you first join the server) Thanks )x(_DKL-_)x( (V)
31. Votekick key has been moved to F5, but all (or maybe just most) of the messages about votekicking still say F6 Thanks 0xC0FFEE (V)
32. F4 used to get rid of OBJ brief at top right of screen to allow better view, now F4 it brings up the OBJ main screen (Bind f4 to hideobjectives) Thanks -=[DeEP]Elite_Noz=- (V) (*)
33. When auth is down and players come on with 15 honor I have seen a couple of players come on with O Honor Thanks 29thInfDIV-EagleHawk (V) Intermittent Auth Error (A)
34. On Pipeline when you are on the top of the ladder on the corner above 3rd floor and someone climbs ladder there may be no sound Thanks 29thInfDIV-EagleHawk (V)
35. If you walk in water the sound is same as if walking on ground Thanks OrOcHiMaRu (V)
36. Spots in some maps where 203 can be shot THROUGH walls Thanks $hadowwra!th (U)
37. Sometimes when you bring up your sights then move quickly without manually putting them down your sensitivity stays reduced as if the sights were still up even though they are not Thanks Jinks (V)
38. Weapons selection spots on some maps are mixed up. (Wrong gun for the position you choose) Thanks $hadowwra!th (V)
39. Sometimes it requires pressing the action key multiple times to heal someone Thanks $hadowwra!th (V)
40. Sometimes the animation of the sights going up or down gets stuck 1/2 way and ends up blocking your view Thanks Jinks (V)
41. When you call for a medic it no longer reports your position (bind m callmedic | reportin) (V) (*)
42. When medic says “Medic on the way” it no longer reports your position (bind m callmedic | reportin) (V) (*)
43. In SF Courtyard RPG explosions and flash grenades can go through walls and kill civilians Thanks GoldSnake(NL) (V)
44. A buzzing sound and not a click is sometimes heard when your gun has a jam/empty clip Thanks Ghostdog[AOT] (V)
45. I wasn’t gonna mention Critical Errors BUT ALOT of people INCLUDING myself have been getting ALOT more of them since 2.4 NOT really on a consistant basis but VERY random (V)
46. F1 Screen does not show you what the current round it is (Add rounds between A and D to get current round) (V)
47. On WC there seems to be a bug that starts the saw firing when you pull out a grenade and pull the pin with the saw equiped Thanks [3XF]1LongR1 (V)
48. Sometimes the F screens (F1, F2, F3 etc.) will freeze and NOT allow you to change screens until you press ESC Thanks -=[DeEP]Mrkvonic=- (V)
49. Keep pressing shoot button before a round starts and sometimes you wont “Prepare your weapon” it will be ready to fire straight away, but you also wont be able to run Thanks )x(_DKL-_)x( (V)

50. If you are the server admin and have the F12 screen up and a PBSS is taken ALL server info INCLUDING SERVER PASSWORD!!! will be displayed in the screenshot for anyone to see. (I seperated this one because of its harmful potential) ALL SERVER ADMINS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS!! (Change your passwords often and use mixed upper and lower alphanumeric characters of AT LEAST 10 characters in length. Th1SI5@nEx@MpL3) (V) (*)

51. Inability to pick sniper position even if you are qualified (V) Intermittent Auth Error (A)
52. Medic symbol sticks to player names during weapon selection screen even BEFORE they pick a position (V)
53. In Profile menu the password box is not protected against copy & paste (DO NOT!! save your profile if security is important to you) (V) (*)
54. “Stat net” command may give incorrect ping times (V)
55. In SF Courtyard SF Water Treatment and PCR while carrying an objective if you get killed by an explosion (203 or grenade) then the objective may vanish and never respawn at your dead feet (V)
56. In SF Water Treatment when objective changes to “get to extraction point” and the carrier of the objective dies instead of the objective reverting back to “pick up carryable objective”, it may stay at “get to extraction point” (V)
57. Grenades and Flash grenades may go off after pin is pulled but BEFORE you start to cook it if held for a long time Thanks SOT_Bad-Lt 29thInfDIV-EagleHawk (V)
58. Hardcoded ConfiguredInternetSpeed= setting in Amyops.ini is overridden in game (DISABLE dynamic netspeed) (V)
59. In SF Courtyard vents MAY swing like a revolving door (U)
60. When grenade is thrown you will hear “Frag Out” and opforian equivilent but the explosion MAY yeild NO sound (NOTE:You WILL still die if in the blast radius) (V)
61. The CAN’T run bug (think it has something to do with pressing certain key combinations inadvertently) (throw down weapon and pick it back up or bring up sights and put them back down Thanks Jinks) (V)
62. BDM kills do not count (on purpose) BUT opfor equiv does count when used for killing (U)
63. you CANNOT use mouse wheel for leaning left and right and holding that position (U)
64. In SF Courtyard and PCR there are places on the map where you can get stuck and there is NO way of getting unstuck until the next round (V)
65. Somtimes the “Loading…” screen will NEVER go away (type disconnect in console or CTRL-ALT-DEL end task) (V)
66. There is NO “Server Full” error message when the server you are connecting to is full (V) (*)
67. The IP of the server you are connecting to is NOT displayed while connecting (Tell your friends IP BEFORE joining) (V) (*)
68. After PB authentication/ update sometimes you are not taken directly to team selection screen (Press F3) (V) (*)
69. While zooming with your weapon you suddenly have binoculars (V)
70. Shadows that radiate from a player close to a light source appear to be just blocky rectangles that go off in all directions (V)
71. “Connection failed, Downloading ‘T2-Brick” error (Uninstal AAO, DELETE the old AA directory after uninstall, reinstall) (V)
72. In the weapons mod screen sometimes the options you choose are NOT visible on the spinning weapon (V)
73. Game fails to install on 64 Bit XP (This is directx related, to fix this problem you need to edit the msi installer and REMOVE references to dx9 and dx9bin) (I have NOT verified this link, it’s about 40 meg supposedly the fixed installer for 64 Bit XP) (V)
74. In SF Courtyard when a breachable door is opened AFTER a breaching charge is placed on the door the charge MAY float in the air Thanks -]Bra.MF[-Kalash^BR (V)
75. Game may randomly hang at the AA logo while loading (WAIT!! give it time if your sure it’s hung then CTRL-ALT-DEL end task then reboot BEFORE trying again) (V)
76. ALT-TAB in and out of the game a few times and your video performance will degrade untill display becomes corrupted and you have to restart computer to restore Thanks Surmis (V)
77. Player is NOT visible on the F1 screen (Result of #29) (Choose an open weapons slot) (V)
78. In pipeline vent door may open but you CANNOT exit the vent until you open and close it a few times (V)
79. Dead bodies may disappear (V)
80. Your brightness and gamma settings may reset to the darkest setting while running AA in a window after minimizing it and then restoring it (ALT-ENTER to go full screen the ALT-ENTER to goto window again) Thanks [][]GFE[][]papasmerf (U)
81. Shout commands are currently being heard farther than they should be (V) (A)
82. In MOUNT West and East Tunnel Entrance are both called Tunnel Entrance West Thanks Forza (U)
83. In SF hospital sometimes sounds like doors opening are heard from EVERYWHERE on the map no matter where you are Thanks {STX}Bloodhound (U)
84. In Water Treatment sometimes the objective is still in the Parking Lot from the previous round Thanks TheMasterS (U)
85. In SF Courtyard sometimes you will get stuck on the ladder (try going up and down moving side to side to unstick yourself) (V)
86. The “Console” key is hardcoded and CANNOT be reassigned. You will set it, (In .ini or game menu) everything appears ok but it dosen’t work (V) (*)
87. You CANNOT use backspace to remove keybindings in the graphical in-game menu for bindings. You HAVE to manually delete the binding in the .ini file (V) (*)
88. Unchecking the in-game message beep box does NOTHING (U)
89. Request Medic button box setting is lost after 1 round (You may still be the medic but the box becomes unchecked) (V) (*)
90. If you are on a ladder when the round ends you will fall and leave a small crater no matter how the round is ended (Win/Loss) (U)
91. In PCR if you climb the tall Southernmost ladder to reach the Roof Extraction Point while carrying the objective you may get a small crater death (U)
92. 640×480 has some text/textures issues (text can become truncated and textures may not scale correctly) (V)
93. In Water Treatment look at the screens (of the cameras) then you can switch with ‘fire’. But if you have your gun shouldered or if you’re out of ammo it won’t work Thanks GoldSnake(NL) (V)
94. If you are a medic holding briefcase on Courtyard you pass the briefcase when you heal a teammate Thanks feyd sardaukar (U)
95. In River Basin (possibly other maps as well) you can’t set your gamma higher than 1.5. You can do it in settings menu (set it higher) but it immediately resets back to 1.5. Thanks -+E+-radical9 (V)
96. There are two visible cursors in the SF weapon modification screen (upper left hand screen) Thanks -+E+-radical9 (U)
97. While spectating a player after your death during an animation sequence (reload,weapopn swap) your spectating view may reset to an overhead view of the map (V)
98. Shouldered weapon may be depleted of ammo while doing the run/nade exploit HAHAHA tongue(I’m still gonna list it but it ONLY effects people using the eploit) (V)
99. In Bridge Crossing when you are on top of the middle arch and you are prone and you pull out a grenade your camo may change Thanks Flip_{Kamikaze} (U)

100. In SF Courtyard and PCR when 2 people try to climb the ladder at the same time, one person can climb on the back of the person as if the ladder was one body width out but this still acts like a normal ladder. (V)

101. Certain servers appear to be contributing to CEs for players that join that server (Had 5 players on the same Pipeline server go Critical within 1 Minute, On rejoin it happened again to everyone within 3 Minutes) (V)
102. Tracer rounds appear to be missing from some weapons on certain maps (V)
103. If you are holding/cooking a grenade and hit ANY F screen you will throw the grenade (Look out for ROE) (V) (*)
104. At the start of a round your M4 may spawn without all of it’s mods (scope, 203) and the mods are unusable until the gun fully spawns (10 seconds to never) (Drop the gun and pick it back up again to fix) (V)
105. A medic may lose his weapon if healing is interrupted or after it is completed. (Press 1 to shoulder then 1 again to pull out) Thanks MegaSoft (V) (*)
106. In SF Water Treatment map at the frontdesk looking at the camera screens, you can get stuck between the 2 sets of monitors. right at the cornor of the wall and chair Thanks colemanstove (V)
107. You can place a doorbreacher on a door with another breacher attached to it. The first will explode and then the 2nd will hang in the air and explode a few seconds later. The first breacher should detonate the 2nd. Thanks [19DB]Rec.Banaan[NL] (U)
108. The autoswitch to gun after throwing nade bug If you are holding a pistol, and throw a grenade. It auto switches to sniper instead of back to pistol. (U)
109. When an IF player drops an RPG to use an AKS-74 the reload animation is the RPG and not the AKS-74 animation. (U)
110. Sometimes when you are killed you switch to a spectate point below the ground or above the map. (V)
111. Sometimes training will NOT save (keep pressing save, (4 or 5 times) exit game, restart, It should register as being saved) (V)
112. Console will become invisible after using Commo commands while you are dead, spectating or while the round has ended (The console will be restored after reconnecting or when the round is restarted. NOTE: you can still use the console command while it is invisible) (V)
113. On pipeline on the basement floor in the main pump room if you crouch by the big tank (on the deck plating near the entry to the lower access to west ladder) your screen jitters like crazy. Thanks Jinks (V)
114. In SF Courtyard bullet holes do not appear on the market sign (V) (*)
115. In SF Courtyard bullet holes may appear 2 by 2 when you shoot the cloth (V) (*)
116. On some single player maps summoned players can not be blown up with the 203, BDM, RPG (V)
117. Sometimes the map loading status exceeds more then 100% Thanks $hadowwra!th (V)
118. Sometimes when you are in game, your mouse pointer will be floating around when you are playing (Hit esc once or twice it should go away) (V)
119. Editing the HUD console font size settings in user.ini seem to have no effect (V) (*)
120. Once in a great while you may NOT spawn at the beginning of the round but be thrown into a 3rd person or overhead spectate view (U)
121. When joining a server running mpcheat on the radio tower map All actions like run, jump, drop gun are impossible the only thing you can do is walk (U)
122. After going prone and selecting binoculars if you move BEFORE using them then you cannot use them (zoom). (Unselect the binocularss and then select them again then zoom BEFORE you move) (U)
123. While playing a game with nobody in the selected squad leader slot the game considers there to be no squad leader. Therefore when you complete the objective successfully you will hear “Mission Failed” (U)

AAO version: 2.4


1. The shoot while on ladder exploit still exists (V)
2. 255 203 round exploit still exists (V)
3. DEV mode is operational again (V)
4. You can now run AND shoot at the same time (V) (*)
5. 16 bit texture exploit that eliminates walls (16 bit textures are now PB kickable) (V) (A) (*)
6. The exploit to ghost around the map after death to spot enemies (V)
7. Being able to shoot AND fire 203 rounds at the same time. (V)
8. Loading 2 203 rounds in the chamber and fire BOTH at the same time in semi-auto mode (V) (*)
9. 255 round ammo exploit (V)
10. Punkbuster playeradmin CAN pause the entire server (U)
11. JRTC 22 nade exploit (U)
12. Name change exploit/hack (V)
13. Shadows thru wall/ceiling (ATI related) Nvidia as well Thanks colemanstove and -=AntiAliasing=- (V)
14. Certain video drivers for ATI cards that allow turning off of smoke/fog (V)
15. Medics can heal themselves Thanks int2str (V)
16. The see thru hills and landscapes with high gradient exploit (V)
17. Shooting AND throwing a grenade at the same time Thanks Sam{UK} (V)
18. In pipeline map the get on top of main roof exploit (V) (*)
19. In SF Courtyard the get on top of radio tower roof exploit Thanks .Wraith- (U)
20. The see thru wall exploit (NOT!! 16 bit related) (V) (*)
21. Unreal scripting exploit (V)
22. Bytehacking offset exploit (It is arguable that bytehacking itself is not an exploit but rather a hack/cheat (please don’t) I am nevertheless listing it here for the sole purpose of letting people know that SOME of the new 2.4 offsets (instant reloads, instant fixjam, 255 ammo and quite a few others) have been deciphered already and are now currently in use) (MD5 checksum checks CAN catch this if put in use) (V)
23. The take objective AND move exploit (V)
24. Fire 2 guns at once exploit (U)
25. The Urban Assault Roof exploit Thanks GoldSnake(NL) (V)
26. In Water Treatment the get on upper roof exploit (V)
27. 5 Nade/SF Gun exploit (Arguably not really an exploit BUT people continue to use it as such so I am listing it here) (V)
28. The Run/Nade exploit (NOTE: You CANNOT cook while running) Thanks Whiplash (This exploit can lead to the depletion of ammo of shouldered weapon bug, HaHa Karma I guess tongue) (V)
29. In Pipeline the CP can still be done while sitting behind it or standing on the other side exploit (V)
30. PB and admin message spamming exploit/hack (I’m adding this because it’s annoying as hell and needs to be addressed) (V)
31. The throw a grenade and place it right in enemy’s spawn area and immediately kill them exploit. (V) (*)
32. The shoot a 203 and place it right in enemy’s spawn area and immediately kill them exploit. (V) (*)
33. The start the round running exploit (V)
34. The fake spoon/cook sound exploit (U)
[Submitted by LittleCannon]

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