nVidia nTune

Ponosni vlasnici maticnih ploca baziranih na nForce chipsetu od sada imaju novu verziju nVidijinog alata za monitoring i optimizaciju performansi. Osim sto donosi brojne novosti u odnosu na proslu verziju potrebno je naglasiti jos jednom, da je ovo jedini alat takve vrste za nForce ploce i razvijan i napravljen od same nVidije. Dakle za kompjuterske nevjeze alat je idealan jer radi gotovo sam, istestirati ce vasu konfiguraciju i kreirati vam tri moda rada vaseg racunala. Kreirati ce defaultni mod za rad u windowsima, zatim silent mod za gledanje DVD-a, i na kraju, naravno performance mod za igranje. U svakom slucaju alat zasluzuje makar da ga isprobate i nece vas kostati nista osim malo vaseg kompjuteraskog vremena. Wizardi su vrlo dobro napravljeni tako da je user input sveden na minimum. I na kraju moram staviti naglasak da je ovo jos uvijek beta verzija programa i kao takvog ga uzmite sa dozom rezerve, medjutim prema mojem iskustvu i iskustvu drugih koji su ga isprobali program radi izuzetno stabilno i bez ikakvih problema. Program mozete skinuti ovdje

Kratka lista mogucnosti slijedi na engleskom poradi moje lijenosti. Uzivajte.

[Submitted by LittleGun]


* The best PC performance: Choose between a silent running mode or the best graphics performance settings and the wizard automatically adjusts all performance metrics (clocks, voltages, fan speeds, bus speeds, etc.) to get the best options for the hardware in the system.
* Improved dynamic overclocking: Provides on-the-fly overclocking and BIOS configuration within an easy-to-use Windows interface that is streamlined and simplified for better user understanding.
* Benchmarking wizard: See how your PC configuration stacks up against synthetic benchmarks before and after adjusting system parameters.
* Saved system profiles: Save, import, and export custom overclocking or BIOS profiles. Assign profiles to favorite programs for automatic application. A safety “watchdog” checks temperature and steps system down if failure could occur.
* GPU overclocking: Overclocking of GeForce FX and GeForce 6 Series GPUs is supported in concert with system overclocking, temperature monitoring, and system profiles.
* System troubleshooting: An automated reporting tool captures all needed information to help you determine when problems may be happening to the system, and helps you troubleshoot.
* Improved system monitoring: Temperatures, voltages, and bus speeds are now available as an always-on-top” window with a transparency option so that it is visible at all times.
* Voltage and bus speed monitoring: Track actual motherboard voltages, GPU clocks, bus speeds, and CPU core speed to ensure safe and correct settings.
* * Temperature and fan speed monitoring: Real-time monitoring of CPU, GPU and system temperatures helps prevent hardware damage. nTune supports dual-CPU and SLI multi-GPU systems.
* Dynamically adjustable voltages and fan speeds: Adjust motherboard voltage levels without a reboot, as well as dynamically control fan speeds.
Dynamically adjustable memory timings: Change critical memory timings without rebooting and without entering the BIOS.

Supported products:

* nForce 220, nForce 220D, nForce 415 and nForce 420D
* nForce2 and nForce2 400
* nForce2 Ultra and nForce2 Ultra 400
* nForce2 400R and nForce2 Ultra 400Gb
* nForce3 150 and nForce3 PRO 150
* nForce3 250, nForce3 250Gb and nForce3 PRO 250
* nForce4 Pro 2200, nForce4 Ultra, and nForce4 SLI

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