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Interesantno je to da iako nova verzija nije izasla vec je napisan FAQ za nadolazecu verziju. U biti u ovom FAQ-u su skupljene sve mrvice koje su devovi prosuli tu i tamo vezano za verziju 2.7. Dakle uzivajte citajuci sve sto ste htjeli znati o 2.7 a niste se usudili pitati

Q. When will AA 2.7 be released?
A. The DEVs do not give out release dates, so it is not know when 2.7 will be released. No theories will work, it’s out when it’s out.

Q. What new features will be in 2.7?
A. New features include SAI (Situational Awareness Indicator), AI (Artificial Intelligence), new weapon systems, new maps, co-op and in-game buddy list and favorite servers.

Q. Is 2.7 going to be a patch?
A. No, 2.7 will be a full install and there will be no patch.

A. It is best explained by [Dev]Pye.

Pye wrote

We done a complete reorganization of the asset and code structure to support other work done by the various groups that are working with the AA code. There is a lot of governmental work that is based of the America’s Army game that is largely invisible to the gaming public. In order to support that work we had to make some changes to the way code and assets are labeled, stored, written etc… Because of those changes, it’s not really possible to patch the old asset packages without having a “patch” that comes out to nearly the size of a full install. So, unfortunately, there won’t be a patch version of 2.7.

Q. Will I need to uninstall AA 2.6, since 2.7 will be a full install?
A. Yes, you will need to uninstall the previous version of AA to install 2.7 correctly.
Steps you need to take to correctly uninstall this game:

If you do not follow these steps then you will most likely have problems with the game.

1. Uninstall whatever version of the game is on your computer using Add/Remove Programs.
2. Delete the America’s Army directory that is left behind.
3. Check the C:\Windows\Downloaded Installation directory and delete any America’s Army files or directories that are in there.
4. Run a registry cleaner if you have one. This step isn’t vital, but a good idea.

Q. How many new maps will be added to AA in 2.7?
A. 2.7 will add 3 new maps. One map will be a multiplayer map and the other two will be co-op maps.

Q. What are the name of the new maps?
A. The co-op maps will be called SF SnakePlain and Interdiction, and the multiplayer map will be called Steamroller.

Q. What is the SAI?
A. All the details of the SAI can be found at:

Q. Will SAI be on all maps, old and new?
A. Yes, SAI will be added to all maps.

Q. Is the SAI a radar, and show me all the Opfor?
A. No, the SAI is not a radar and will not show you the positions of the Opfor. What it will show is a red diamond, where a teammate reported to see an enemy, and it will show your teammates within you LOS (Line of Sight)

Q. what if I do not like the SAI?
A. If you do not like the SAI, it can be turned off.

Q. Can someone spam the enemy spotted feature on the SAI?
A. No, there is a flood protection mechanism which prevents a user from spamming the SAI with Red Diamonds just like there’s flood protection against commo messages.

Q. Will the new army uniforms be added to AA in 2.7?
A. Yes, the new Army Combat Uniform’s (ACU) will be added to AA in 2.7.

Q. Will the Army Combat Uniform’s be added to all maps, new and old?
A. Yes, the ACU’s will be added to all maps.

Q. How is AI going to be implemented in AA?
A. All the details on the AI in AA can be found at:

Q. Will AI be added to all maps?
A. No, AI opfor will be added to new maps only, and only the new maps that are co-op maps. AA 2.7 will bring 2 co-op maps to the game. These are the only 2 maps that will have AI opfor in 2.7.

Q. What weapon systems will be added into AA 2.7?
A. The new weapon systems include the Javelin Missile System and the Crows HMMWV System. Details of the new weapon systems can be found at:

Q. What vehicles will be added to AA?
A. The new vehicles being added in 2.7 include the HMMWV (HUmvee), T-62 tank, BMP-1 Infanry Fighting Vehicle and BTR-80 Armored Personnel Carrier.

Q. Can I drive all of the vehicles?
A. The only vehicle that can be driven is the HMMWV (Humvee), all other vehicles will be used by the AI.

Q. Can I steal the AI’s vehicles?
A. No, you will not be able to steal the vehicles from the AI.

Q. Will vehicles be added to all maps?
A. No, vehicles will be added only to new maps capable of vehicles.

Q. Will I need to complete any training to use the new features?
A. Yes, players must complete both of the Driving and Gunnery Training Courses in order to start the HMMWV ignition or the CROWS weapon console. To use the Javelin, you will also need to qualify in a test.

Q. How many people can play on a co-op map?
A. The maximum number of people able to play on a co-op map is 9.

Q. Can I play on a co-op map by myself online?
A. Yes, although you will not gain honor, you can play by yourself and the AI will be scaled accordingly.

Q. How many people must be playing on a co-op map to gain honor?
A. The minimum number of people needed on a co-op map to gain honor is 2.

Q. Can I play on assault and defense in co-op maps?
A. No, on co-op maps there will only be assault, so there will be no defense.

Q. What happens when my entire team dies on co-op maps?
A. If your entire team dies and fails the mission, your team and the AI will respawn and the mission will start over again.

Q. Will I be able to use the bipod while crouching or standing?
A. No, the current engine in 2.7 does not support this, but may be implemented in later versions of AA when a new engine is used.

Q. What version are the beta servers on?
A. To find out the version that the beta servers are on you can either, use All Seeing Eye or go here: Forward Observer

Q. Will the Gamespy browser be removed in AA 2.7?
A. No, AA 2.7 includes GameSpy. You will still have the option to use it via your Game Settings. However you will not be able to use Favorite Servers and Battle Buddies if you use the GameSpy browser as these features are specific to MBS.

Q. Will VOIP be added in 2.7?
A. No, VOIP will not be added to AA in 2.7.

Q. Will there be a map editor with 2.7?
A. No, a map editor will not be included with 2.7. Any current AA map editor is against the EULA, and not allowed. Although, most likely a map editor will be included with AA 2.8, the last version of AA before 3.0.

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