Evo jedne vijesti 5 do 12

Za sve neupucene u naslov ove vijesti, PGN je kratica od Public Gaming Night, odnosno u slobodnom prijevodu evo vam prilike da iskalite svoj bijes na devovima.

Dakle veceras u 14. 6. 2008 u 21:00 po nasem vremenu devovi, komjuniti menadzeri i ostala ekipa koja ima ikakve veze sa razvojem AA biti ce dostupna na serverima i moci ce se igrati protiv njih/s njima.

Odabrane mape su prilicno nestandardne:

* NightFight
* Oil Rig
* SF Hotel
* KTS_Facility 109

Bio je i link za skinuti mape, ali je iz nekog razloga povucen.

Vise detalja u nastavku vijesti


The day that we’ve all been waiting for is here! That’s right, starting tomorrow, Saturday, June 14 at 3PM EST we’ll begin our third gaming event with the America’s Army staff!

This is your chance to play alongside (or against) the AACM, Volunteer or DEV teams and show them what you’ve got! To participate, you’ll first need to make sure you have the maps which will be featured for this event.

The maps chosen for the event are:

* NightFight
* Oil Rig
* SF Hotel
* KTS_Facility 109

We’ve made a small map pack to make things easier. To grab all the PGN3 maps, please use the following link:

/link removed for now/

After downloading, please unzip the file and place the maps in your America’s Army/Maps folder. If you need assistance with this, please visit AA-IRC (see below).

Next connect to the America’s Army IRC Network, and once connected, you’ll be able to locate the server details in the topic of the America’s Army channel (#americasarmy).

When: Saturday 14 JUNE beginning at 3 pm EST until ?
Where: America’s Army IRC network, #americasarmy
How: Connect to America’s Army IRC network:

* Launch your game and click MAIN MENU
* Click CHAT
* Click CONNECT next to SERVER
* For CHANNEL select #americasarmy
* Click JOIN next to the CHANNEL you?ve selected.

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