Prvi Americas Army 3 tweakovi

Eto jos igra nije niti sluzbeno izasla, a vec se mogu pronaci prvi tweak vodici. Iako ih nisam osobno isprobao, po reakcijama ostalih sugovornika foruma gdje sam tweakove pronasao, reklo bi se da rade. Dakle, nestrpljivci koji ste skinuli betu i ne radi vam bas najbolje, probajte ove tweakove,. Mozda cete uspjeti odgoditi kupnju nove graficke kartice na neko vrijeme. Klik na “more”

Remember, backup ALL files before editing them in case you need to replace them and work from scratch again (or wish to reverse engineer some more fixes).

Step #1) Nvidia users go here and download nHancer.
(Sorry ATI guys, I have nothing comparable to link you to)

Step #1.A) Before starting work in nHancer, click the radial button named “Global” at the top.

Step #1.B) After installing nHancer, goto the compatbility mode tab, and change the “Anti-Aliasing compatbility” to 0000041: Unreal Engine 3. This works around Unreal3’s inability to produce AA properly, and allows crisp textures with AAx8 on.

Step #1.C) At the bottom of the “Compatibility” tab check the radial button for “Multi-Core Support”, this will FORCE AA3 beta to use Multi-Core support (dual-core, or Quad-Core) when rendering textures/objects.

Step #2) In the nHancer program (still nvidia people), goto the “Optimizations” tab, and check “High Quality”, “Trilinear Optimzation = On”, “Aniso.sample optimization = on”, “Negative LOD BIAS= clamp”, and “Force DXt3 [OpenGL]= On”.

Step #3) (Still Nvidia users =P) Set your Anti-Aliasing as high as you want depending on your card’s settings. I have a 280GTX, so my gettings are “Combined = 32xS”. Set “Enhance in-game AA setting” UNCHECKED, “Gamma Correction” checkbox checked, and Super-Transparency AA checkbox checked(these three settings are for high end cards, as you might lag with anything below an 8800).

Continue, by setting your Anisotropic Filtering to however high you want, mine is 16x…again 280gtx here happy ! My vertical-sync is forced ON, along with OpenGL triple buffering happy ! I also have ambient occlusion set to FarCry2, just for visual appearances sake, again I’m still fiddling with Ambient Occlusion as it adds soft shadows around objects in-game. You might want to fiddle with other settings as well IF you want to.

Step #3) Close nHancer, and it should goto your desktop tray.

Step #4) (woot Ati people can do something now!!) Find your “USarmy” folder in C: drive, or w/e you installed it.

Step #5) Once inside USArmy folder, goto America’s Army3/AA3Game/Config.

Step#6) Open AA3Engine.ini with notepad, making sure to UNCHECK “always open with notepad” if your computer doesn’t already know to open .ini’s in notepad.

Step #7) While in your AA3Engine.ini, ctrl+F and type/copy “DebugEXEName”, you should find it near the top with something like “DebugEXEName=Debug-AA3Game.exe”, make sure to delete ONLY the part AFTER the “=” sign.

Step #8) Ctrl+F again, inside AA3engine.ini, and type/copy “bSmoothFrameRate”. You should find it again, somewhere near the upper half of the ini. Change this from “bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE” to “bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE”.

Step #9) Ctrl+F again, and search for “MinDesiredFrameRate”. It should be somewhere close to the middle. Change it from “MinDesiredFrameRate=32” to something more desirable IF you have a card stronger than a 7900GT Nvidia!

Finally, Step #10) Ctrl+F again, and this time type/copy “MotionBlur”. It should be somewhere near the bottom. Change it from “MotionBlur=True” to “MotionBlur=False”. This has been known to be a MAJOR contributor to the massive lag, since this has not be optimized at ALL and causes WAYY too much lag when you move. Hopefully, if they wish to keep this feature for launch, they’ll optimize it so it happens correctly.

Well, that’s it for now kiddies happy ! Tweak with these settings a bit to find your own optimum settings grin ! I’m now getting 60-100fps in-game with minimal stuttering. Now, my only issue is fixing this MASSIVE latency issue with shooting/being shot >=(!

[UPDATE]: For clarifying purposes ONLY. Do NOT do steps 1-3 if you are NOT running an Nvidia card HIGHER than the 8800 series. nHancer does NOT support anything older unfortunately.

Additionally the section above, since the nHancer part was aimed FOR people with strong cards that are having unbearable difficulties with lag in AA3.0, and was intended for quality enhancement only.

For pure performance increases do the following:
-Set Texture filtering to “High Performance”
-Set Trilinear optimization to “On”
-Set Aniso. sample optimization to “On”
-Set Negative LOD BIAS to “Allow”, reset to “Clamp” if you experience odd/bad/flickering textures at a distance (or in Foggy areas).
-Set Force DXT3 (OpenGL) to “On”
-Increase “Prerender Limit” by one or two if you experience stuttering. Leave default if AFTER you do everything it runs smooth.
-Set Anti-Aliasing to “Off”
-Uncheck Enhance in-game AA, Gamma Correction, and Super-Transparency.
-Set Anisotropic Filtering to 4x (helps with rendering unoptimized objects are a distance better, this is merely a personal touch….leave it to “Off” if you want 100% performance with hits to visual quality xD!)
-Set V-syn to “Off” off
-Set Force Tripple Buffering to “Off”
-Set Ambient Occlusion “Off”
-Do everything else that doesn’t conflict with these notes grin !


[Updated]: Fixed a thought process error I had originally writing the guide. (Thanks to LordDunce for pointing out my sillyness).

[UPDATE]: Latency Improvement!!

-Honorable Mentions:
+R3APERVI for suspecting it helped (see page 3)
+Me, for starting a large test to see if it actually helps
+SharpShooter, for testing…
+=sWc=General, for testing…
+WildGunsTomcat, for testing…
+Justice, for testing…

Step #1) Go to:
USArmy\America’s Army 3\AA3Game\Config\AA3Game.ini
USArmy\America’s Army 3\Engine\Config\BaseGame.ini

Step #2) Ctrl+F inside above ini’s for “bDynamicNetSpeed”.

Step #3) Change bDynamicNetSpeed=true to bDynamicNetSpeed=false.

Step #4) Ravage servers with your less laggyness grin !

Noticable improvements:
-Mount objects nearly on command (instead of 4 times to get onto things)
-Less bullet lag, almost every bullet registers
-Weapons bug out slightly less

-If a server itself is still having issues, you’ll still see hickuping and warping from other players, and sometimes yourself. However, you should see a LOT less of them on your end. happy !



12 June , 2009 at 12:03 pm

Vec mi se ne svidja aa3.
Moram bit inzinjer iz NASE da bi je skino,instaliro,pokreno,twiko.......

Ide mi to na zivce.


12 June , 2009 at 1:15 pm

onda dodjes do mene, sa dvije pive pod miskom i rijesimo to sve za pol sata


12 June , 2009 at 2:27 pm

igra je odlicna


12 June , 2009 at 6:35 pm

Malo off topic al...utvrdjujem sa zaljenjem i objavljujem da sam MIA do daljnjega... poradi "tehnickih=..." razloga :smt063 ...barem sto se 3.0. tice...

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