Prava AA Drama se nastavlja.

Eto sada imamo pravu AA Dramu i to u AA developer kokosinjcu, koji je, kako ste mogli procitati u vijesti prije, ostao prazan.

Ipak za malo insajderskih informacija pobriouo se jedan od bivsih devova, koji je otvorio dusu na sluzbenom forumu. Dovoljno je reci da njegov post nije dugo trajao, odnosno bio je promptno obrisan. No da promptno i nije bas promptno, dokazao je hoBo, koji je uspio sacuvati post.

Sto je napisano slobodno procitajte u nastavku.

I worked as a Dev at AA Emeryville for the last year and a half and I hope I can appeal to your rationality and common sense. I would like you to imagine trying to build a game with an impossible deadline, steadily declining workforce (via firings), A hiring freeze, constantly being fed misinformation, having the higher ups” completely ignore your weekly plea for either A) more time, or B) more manpower, working a ton of unpaid overtime, pouring your heart and soul into a misadventure only to have the uniformed community scoff at you for uncontrollable variables….. RIGHT when you’ve just lost your job.

There are problems with the release beyond the devs control. In fact, the bureaucracy is so convoluted that you can’t even begin to imagine the breadth and scope of B.S. the devs had to deal with daily. in short, imagine being the subcontractor of a subcontractor of a contractor to the government. Sure Millions of dollars may have been poured into this project, but how much do you think made it to the actual DEV team, the people MAKING the game, after it was filtered by the bureaucracy?

I realize if you are a gamer, you rightly expect a game to work. period. But I would ask that you imagine for a second that you actually DON’T understand what it takes to make this particular game, and you really don’t understand the many obstacles that were placed in front of the Devs… in nerdy terms: A Kobiyashi maru.

What I would like you to understand is that the Devs did everything they could, worked a TON of unpaid overtime, put their time and passion into an un-winnable situation, and were effectively stabbed in the back. Many of these guys are my close friends, they have family to take care of, and overpriced rent to deal with. They just came off busting their butts for months, to be let go, without warning. Perhaps a little empathy is in order here.

Almost every multiplayer online game has problems upon release. These problems become exaggerated when a development team is kept in constant turmoil and paranoia via misinformation and a high rate of employee turnover. When the people you trust around you are being let go, it becomes difficult to emotionally invest yourself in the titanic sinking ship. Nonetheless, I can tell you the Devs STILL pushed themselves as hard as they could.

Furthermore, the problem with the game at this point, has everything to do with the authentication servers being slammed, A.K.A not a controllable variable by the Devs. Sure there are bugs, they WERE being fixed, and now you’ll be lucky to see any fixes in the near future.

For those of you who think Redstone arsenal will do a better job, well…. I won’t have to tell you that you’re sadly mistaken because you’ll see for yourself.

I’m not sure why i’ve felt compelled to write this when I’m sure it will get deleted, or even scoffed at further, but I hoped to let the fans know that we tried as hard as we could and are very bummed to see the fruits of our labor shoved at gamers like a heaping pile of crap.



19 June , 2009 at 1:25 pm

uzeo si mi news iz tipkovnice... :P

btw, zanimljivo je pogledati ovaj screenshot:
(gornji desni ugao)


19 June , 2009 at 1:37 pm

Meni je najsmješniji podatak da su se svi (bivši) dev-ovi pobunili protiv ovog preuranjenog releasea... po njima 3jka ne bi izašla još barem par mjeseci.

...poluproizvod rekao bih...


19 June , 2009 at 5:42 pm

Evo tko je preuzeo nastavak razovja AAO3

Sigurno ce proradit brzo... mozda ubrzamo stvar ako mu posaljemo paket domacih čvaraka?


19 June , 2009 at 6:50 pm

ovaj mi liči na šukera juniora


19 June , 2009 at 9:34 pm

Post u originalu mozete pogledati na


13 October , 2011 at 1:53 am

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