Pragmatic je u zaletu ili evo ga jos jedan patch!

Sporednim kanalom dopuzala je do nas vijest kako je spreman jos jedan patch za AA3. Naime danas popodne, odnosno ujutro po americkom vremenu, u distribuciju je krenuo novi patch koji je za sada podijeljen iskljucivo server providerima u svrhu prilagodbe servera prije nego igraci dobiju pristup patchu.

Da postoji realna sansa da su problemi sa autorizacijom uklonjeni govori i cinjenica da je patch tezak oko ~700MB, odnosno rijec je o dubljim promjenama nego sto su to bili dosadasnji patchevi.

Uglavnom, ocekujem da cemo veceras prije igranja imati sto za skidati.


Patch je vani. Popis promjena mozete vidjeti ako kliknete na “more”

America’s Army 3

Improved console help

Added Clan support. Add clan tag in Account Settings. You must change information while in single player mode for now.

Admin VOIP Improvements

New “version” console command to see the current version

Server browser performance improvements

Fixes joining password protected servers so it no longer selects the server underneath the mouse cursor when clicking on the “Join” button in the password entry dialog.

Fix for settings menu improperly closing when ESC pressed and leaving the player stuck with no UI and limited control

Mission generation optimizations

Fixed issue with logging into game servers that sometimes used another player’s soldier profile.

New TS3 SDK integrated

Improves how server manages authentication objects

Fixes issue with players being added to the scoring system not having all of their scoring data written.

Fixes issue where players not logged into MBS were being logged out if they left the server prior to authenticating

M320 grenade attaching issue resolved.

Dedicated server title bar now shows mission and player details

Fixes the “Waiting for other players” UI so it now appears again.

Removes some server logging

Increased communications handling to support when all players use heavy load outs. This may correct many instances where players didn’t spawn correctly or get the correct load out.

Fixes the M320 getting an extra round of ammo

Fixes the Account Settings password changing not working properly

Fixes the IRC link not working

Fixes the displayed mission type (assault/defense/etc.) shown in the battle planner so it displays properly after side-swapping

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