Jos malo treker novosti

Ovaj put vijesti nisu vezane za battletracker, nego za nove statisticke mogucnosti koje AA3 podrzava. Nadam se samo da ce u skladu sa obecanjem koje je Pragmatic dao, ove statistike biti dostupne i na battletrackerovim stranicama.

Dakle ukoliko niste bili na AWM stranicama neko vrijeme ( a vjerujem da vecina nije) pojavilo se nekoliko zanimljivosti.

Prva od njih su ljestvice najigraca slozenih prema razlicitim kriterijima, po broju killova, dobivenih meceva, najvecem bodovnom rezultatu po mecu,ROE-u….. Uglavno sve to mozete vidjeti OVDJE

Druga zanimljivost bi bila AMW:Combat maps gdje je sada omoguceno unaprijed planiranje akcija, ali i ono najzanimljivije a to je vidjeti na mapi statisticki pregled gdje najvise dolazi do sukoba tzv. hotspot mapa, odnosno gdje se najvise gine i to jos sve poslozeno po datumima.
Kao sto se vidi na slici pomocu ovakve statistike vrlo lako je doznati na koja mjesta treba ici opreznije, a na koja ne ici uopce.

I tako dalje i tako dalje….
Naravno da se namece logicno pitanje, zasto prvo ne srede igru pa se onda igraju statistikama? Odgovor na to pitanje nitko nezna.

Uglavnom, sto je jos sve novoga mozete procitati u nastavku teksta ili odlaskom na gore navedene AWM stranice.

We are pleased to announce the release of exciting new features available through the Account Management Website (AMW) and the Deploy Client. These features will allow you instant access to important information and tools to help you and your team plan each mission.

Unprecedented in America’s Army, the tools offered on AMW allow you to see maps in a whole new way and gain critical insight that will enhance your team’s ability to dominate each challenge increasing your chances for success. Additionally, player personnel jacket information is now conveniently available directly from the Deploy Client which affords you valuable Intel about your opponents.

Here’s a summary of some of these great new features:


The all new leaderboards display the top players in a wide variety of categories. Learn who the best of the best are with stats such as Highest Match Score, Accuracy, Objectives Completed and a whole lot more.

You can also filter this information to see just the lists you desire or select a specific Soldier. Clicking on a Soldier’s name will call up that player’s personnel jacket allowing you to assess his or her strengths or weaknesses.

AMW: Combat Maps

If you’ve ever looked at an atlas population map, then Combat Maps will be simple to understand. Simply put, Combat Maps display a small colored dot in the exact position where a player has been eliminated. The more densely colored an area of the map, the more players have been eliminated in that area.

Use this information to learn where most of the action occurs on a specific map – – – which routes are most favorable and which tend to offer the most resistance. Identify where the best places are to set up an ambush and when to make sure you move carefully under cover.

Studying these maps will allow you the best chance of successfully completing your mission by helping you to better understand the dynamics of each map. This brings us to the next feature…

AMW: Battle Planner

Acting much like a whiteboard, the new Battle Planner allows you to draw directly on top down overview images of AA3 maps. Gone is the confusion of trying to tell a teammate to go to a particular corner of a specific building. With Battle Planner, you can draw the route right on the map for your teammate to see and execute.

Simply by clicking points onto the map overview you can draw routes for up to three different fire teams (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie). Each team’s route appears in a different color. If you make a mistake, it’s simple to undo the last point in your route, or just clear the routes and start over.

But what good is your plan if your teammates cannot see it? Battle Planner handles this too by allowing you to email the plan to your squad. You can choose to type in each player’s email address manually or, even easier, select the player names from your MyAA3 buddy list.

Deploy Client: Personnel Jacket

Every Soldier’s statistics are right there at your fingertips. Access by the top most of the three gold buttons on Deploy (the one that looks like a graph) you’ll have your own detailed stats, as well as every other America’s Army player’s stats. At the click of a button, you can review things like:

* Soldier Advancement
* Training History
* Mission History
* Achievements
* Accuracy & Performance

Just type in your Soldier name, or the name of a player you’d like to learn more about and these comprehensive stats are instantly available to you. never enter battle again without knowing who you’re up against!

Deploy Client: Server Browser

Last but by no means not least is the all new Deploy Server Browser. This powerful tool allows you to see all AA3 servers available to you but it doesn’t stop there. You can also filter your last with some handy drop down windows to find a server you like. Filter for things like Map Name, Player Count, Mission Type, and a whole lot more.

Clicking the middle of the three gold buttons (the one that looks like a globe) returns a pop up window with a complete list of all AA3 servers. Click anywhere along the row on a server reveals another pop up with every detail about that server. Its name, mission, game type, number of players, who those players are, and much more.

Clicking on a player’s name will call up yet another pop up with all the statistics for that player. You can even click on several players’ names to review all their stats at the same time.

Once you decide which server you’d like to join, simply click on the server and then click the Join Server button. As long as you have your game client user name and password saved and set to automatically log in, you’ll be in the action in no time.

So fire up the all new Deploy Client and head over to AMW to check out all the terrific new AA3 features that are “Powered by Pragmatic” and get the edge you’ll need to ramp up your squad’s effectiveness to the next level!

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