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Here’s the new maps that’s been tested on the beta servers:

– River Village

– SF Old Town

– SF Refinery

– Floodgate

Since 3.0 will be released around christmas 2008, I think there will be a few more releases before 3.0, and the next version might not be that far away.

[Dev]AceKilla is replying to a spawn bug in the AA Editor:


OK, we’ve fixed the bug causing this behavior. This fix will be included in the next AA release and will instantly correct this issue in any maps that currenty have this bug. Unfortunately, due to the low level of this fix – we can’t make an optional patch to release before then.

Thus, if you have this problem on your map – it will be fixed as soon as you load it in the next AA version (which isn’t far off). You can keep working on any bugged maps until then (testing it offline in single player) and they will be fixed as soon as you load them in the next AA version.