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mislim da je Troky imao problema sa Corrupted File/Memory [80183] PB kick jelda?

no ko god da je evo nasao sam rijesenje…

It is in the CacheSize in your armyops.ini. If you set that one to high, you will get kicked for that. I have 512 and I set that value at 180 and got kicked all the time.

I set it back to 100 and I have no problems at all

Earlier I had my CacheSizeMegs set at 256 and was testing that out. Then I switched it to 128 and tested that as well. I then set it to 192 and thats where it started causing problems. It seems to not like odd size numbers. 128, 256 and 512 all work. But odd numbers like 150, 180 and 192 cause this error.

Im all fixed as well now. Shesh. Reported to punkbuster by the way.

evo ovo je c/p samo… imas na trackeru brdo toga jos ako ne uspijkes slozit.