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    Eto postam i u public dio foruma da posjetitelji mogu vidjeti kod koga smo rentali server:

    Hi guys, I am writeing this post to inform AA community of the ways Art of war central is careing about their coustomers. I am posting it here because my account got a BAN on Art of war official forum for the reason I do not understand. I mean I was accused for violating TOS, well if writeing the truth is a TOS violation then I got banned for a reason. I will paste the topic that got me ban (with several other ones posted in “testemenial” area of the forum and none of them had any insults in it).

    The shorten version of our “story” with Art of War Central is that we have rented an EU IP server three months ago; they provided us with US IP server (crappy ping for us) and kept ignoring our queries like “when will we get EU IP etc.” and every month or so they would post something like “EU servers will be up within a week”. After 3 months we’ve lost the patiance after sending at least a dozen emails with refund question (because we didnt get what we paid for), no answer came back to us.

    Then I went to their official forum and posted a topic (that wll be pasted here) in the “Sales Question” area of the forum. I was very surprised when I checked the topic for answers just few hours later and it was gone, moderator has deleted it. I checked the area of the porum, and posted it AGAIN in the SALES QUESTION area of the OFFICIAL art of war forum. Same thing happend, they’ve deleted it again with a few other of my posts i’ve posted in “Testimonials” Post about AOWC for others to view and read. area (funny thing is that they didnt deleted AOWC ROXX and like topics)…

    Along with that they have BANed my account and still I havent recived any E-mail from their billing department conserning money refund, the fact is THEY OWE us 200 USD and they are completly ignoreing it….

    The intention of this post isnt to flame or insult anybody, I’ve posted it to warn other clans to be very carefull when choosing their game server provider…

    The original post I got banned for

    Dear Art od War Central personal…

    I am writing this post in a hope that you will finally respond and explain the current situation regarding our server.

    We have rented a 16 slot server with EU IP from you on 29.10.2005, you have charged 199 USD for, but only a few days later EU servers crashed (or something) and today, 3 months later, we still can not use server for competitive play due to the high ping. You’ve provided us with a substitute server in US, but ping on it is to high for us and we can’t use it in any of our competetitive matches. We understand that you must have some big problems with EU servers but that has nothing to do with absolutely NO feedback from you conserning our server billing question….

    You promised that once when EU servers are online you will make up for the time while EU servers were offline, and that that period will not be charged (wich is allmost 3 months for our clan).

    So, please explane us the following situation:

    On 29.01 2006 our three month rent period is over and the credit card should be billed 199 USD again (for the rent of the next 3 month period). Since we do not want to pay again for the server we practicly don use (plus you owe us 3 month EU IP address period for free) we have send numerous e-mails to you in hope for some explanation; unfortunatly we have recived none, and that is why i post this here…

    In fear of beeing automatically billed again we were forced to cancel our subscription, and we really don’t know what will happen on 29.01.2006 when the current rent elapses…

    There are 4 possibile scenarios for 29.01.2006:

    1. You cancel our server and you refund full amount of money (199USD) to us (because we didn’t get what we paid for)…

    2. You cancel our server and you refund our money minus cancelation costs, refund 150 USD

    3. You cancel our server and you refund nothing. If so, please explane your reasons for not refunding.

    4. US IP server continues to run until you finally provide us with EU IP, and three month later (after the free period that you owe to us is over) we get to choose weather we will cancel or continue to use your services.

    We beleave that the fourth solution is the only fair solutions for us…

    Thank you!

    On behalf of the [Ri051] clan;

    Nebojsa Stanivuk aka [Ri051]_B051LjKo

    contact nstanivuk@yahoo.com



    Za ne vjerovat … Ne bendaju te ni pet posto jer si u Europi i znaju da bi troškovi sudske tužbe bili ogromni, da su u USA zatvorio bi im firmu u roku od 2 tjedna. Stoka.

    Mi smo imali iznajmljen 20-slot server mjesec dana ali smo ih otkačili odmah čim smo skužili koji su indijanci (rekao sam ti to na TS-u).

    Sad ne žali truda nego postaj na sve moguće AA gamerske forume koji postoje. To bi moglo upaliti, bar za EU dio priče.

    Što ste bili prisiljeni uzeti 3 mjeseca ili je bilo povoljno?



    Ma bilo je skroz povoljno, 200 dolara za 3 mjeseca honor 16 slotova… sad vidim i zašto, !Guillotine ; DER IZ OLVEJZ A KEČ!!!!!!!



    Daj nauci resizeat sliku



    Zašto, šta joj fali…. ovako grujim učinak još više dolazi do izražaja, a svi smo na broadbandu 🙂






    gj m8s …


    Spirit of LittleCannon

    he he




    dobar avater spirit



    Hey Ivica, AOWC has a new spring special! For a limited time you can now save

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    Delete this mail address, I don’t ever again want to hear from your company. You are bunch of ignorant amateurs whose sole purpose is to take as much money as possible in shortest possible time from naive gamers. Well, guess what, it doesn’t work that way.

    866-LOW-PING ??? Ahahahaha good joke.

    I think entire AA gaming community in my country knows why and how AOW sucks. If I would believe that arguments for those statements would change anything (and I have them a lot), maybe I would write them down. Since you have so many times proven that the only thing bigger than your lack of profesionalysm is your ignorance, go bancrot somewhere.

    One more thing – I will NOT remove my mail address from your mailing list – YOU will do that, if not, all 10 mail addresses from artofwarcentral.com domain may end up on hundred spam lists. Little bird told me that some naughty kid I never met may do that.

    Regards, Ivica



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    Ja sam dobio isti mail i odgovorio sam im isto 🙂



    To majstore!!!!!1

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