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    Uskoro kreću i klanski ratovi u borbi za teritorijem…

    General and Map mode stuff

    Fact: There are several economic categories of provinces, from basic ones to capitals” that will give most monetary benefits to their owners.

    Fact: Once per day Clan Masters declare attacks on neutral or enemy provinces, and a corresponding number of battles are scheduled and take place accordingly. The bigger your clan is, the harder it gets to repel attacks and expand your empire.

    Fact: New clans enter the map by having a chance to fight a battle for one of the coastal” provinces. If they kick the owner out, that province will be their new home, from where they will expand deep into the continent

    Fact: Some players may choose to become mercenaries rather than being in a clan. There is a Mercenary market, where Clan Masters can recruit such players for reinforcing their clans in Clan Wars or other events.

    Q: is that the entire map? or is that just a portion of the map?

    A: At the very beginning, we will start from the western boards of Germany to Volga and from Scandinavian countries to Romania. We will be gradually adding new territories to the global map embracing the globe. Thus, WoT players will have a chance to fight for Moscow the same as for New York or Tokyo. We are expecting to have hundreds of clans from all over the world fighting for global domination.

    Q: here is a problem… what about a situation that most of the clan is offline? or maybe most of the clan is online but the clan commander is not?

    A: You can send the smaller part of your clan which is online. Or arrange the battle in advance. There will be nothing complex about it and we’ll have the certain system for it. You may appoint the deputy for the cases when the commander can’t take part in battles. The way you will manage the hierarchy of your clan and discipline will depend on you mostly.

    Q: will there be an attack limit, or limit on how many zones you can conqour a day?

    A: It will depend on the situation on the global map. Two individual clans (A and B ) may have two battles (offensive and defense) with each other and not more on the everyday basis. If you have the conflict with the Clan C – you start fighting with this clan. Problems with Clan D? Challenge them. And so on… The more clans we’ll have, the more conflicts will happen during the war each day, the more challenges you will have to face each day. War is war, so there will be no dearth of conflicts and politics

    Q: Can each clan attack/defend as many times as physically possible

    A: Surely, but regarding that there may be only two battles (attack and defense) with one and the same clan. If the clan A has already had conflict with the clan B they may not fight again during 24h. But clan A may fight with clan C, D, E… and so on

    Q: Can each territory only be contested once per day?

    A: One specific territory may be contested only once per day (there will be myriads of territories in the final clan war mode version)

    Q: And what happens when a clan lost all of it’s territory?

    A: Never surrender and start winning your territories back from the special landing zone.

    Q: When a clan wins a territory, does it need to stay in it to keep it? or it can go ahead and take down other clans in their territory?

    A: Once the territory is captured the clan is free to have claims for other territories. But if another clan is putting a claim for your territory, you get informed about it and have to face the challenge

    Q: if a clan protects its trritory vs a few other clans (each time it plays against one) can players from the defending clan that were destroyed when fighting vs clan A respawn in the battle vs clan B?

    A: You can’t jump into an already started fight if your vehicle is destroyed but you may join the next other battle which is about to start. We are working on developing a system that will be comfortable for those players whose tanks are destroyed in a battle, but they are looking forward to joining another one.

    Q: I am assuming provinces that will have a bigger ‘resource’ value will be quite some way away from the starting zone right (to force clans to move away from the starting zone)?

    A: Yes, undoubtedly

    Fact: Some tastiest territories will bring additional revenue in gold (I can’t tell the frequency of gold assignment). Moreover, there is also some economy” and crafting”, along with monetary revenues; clans can build factories, which produce special tanks and tank components/ammo over time.

    Q: How will clans be able to split their force, if at all?

    A: The clan may include up to 100 players. Each player is visualized as a chip on the clan war map. By moving these chips through territories, the clan commander is splitting forces and will giving orders to attack/defend this or that territory

    Q: What will happen to the force defending a province if that province is lost? What happens to the clan if they lose all their provinces and there is no friendly province in the area?

    A: The clan will get its landing zone again and will try to get back its territories. There are some other options as joining other clans or become mercenaries. There is a Mercenary market, where clan Masters can recruit such players for reinforcing their clans in clan Wars or other events.

    Q: At the very beggining nobody will be owner of those vast lands. So how will clans conquer new territories when the game will be opened? Fighting bots or something? Or just choosing one of the no-man’s-land provinces and getting them for free?

    A: Nope, no bots. World of Tanks is a PvP-game. We are planning that some mercenaries from players or just casual players will defend new territiories. It is likely, that such defenders wouldn’t be serious rivals to organized clan teams. However no province will be taken without striking a blow. That’s good, I think. There will be special “landing” provinces, which should be captured first in order your clan could advance deeper and deeper. Those provinces will be the most difficult to take.

    Clan Wars release:

    Q: will we get to test Clan Wars in beta?

    A: Perhaps, the answer won’t make you happy, but clan wars mode is unlikely to be added into the game with the next patch [patch 0.5]. We have been working on this for a long time and have managed to implement some really great ideas. I hope you will enjoy this. But we just need more time to polish it up. At the moment the game in whole seems to be not buggy, we don’t want to change the current lie of the land by introducing some unfinished stuff into the game.

    Q: if a clan wishes to dispute a territory, would they have to announce their attack before the combat period of that territory zone.

    A: The forthcoming battle (claim for a territory) will be announced a day before the battle itself.

    Clan Wars matches:

    Q: Would it be restricted matchups depending on the map where for instance 10 light tanks, 10 medium tanks and 5 heavy tanks + 5 artillery on each side?

    A: We will not limit World of Tanks clans on choosing units for a battle as this would hurt many gameplay factors such as unexpectedness and others. Still however, this kind of limitation will apply to some special historic events. The good example is Civil War in Spain where mostly light tanks can take part in regarding the historic correctness.

    A2: The nature of World of Tanks battles is that a team comprized only from, say, Heavy tanks, will have lower chance of winning against a well-balanced team of light, medium and heavy tanks, plus certain percentage of artillery. And how exactly these proportions will look like – that depends on a team. There weill be unlimited number of “balanced” team compositions, depending on the players’ style, level of co-ordination, etc. You won’t see “30 King Tiger” team winning all matches.

    Q: I was wondering, how a clan can win in a clan war mode (win a mini-part – not all the map of course)? is it a round base mode? or the tanks spawn every time they are destroyed?

    A: Destroy all the enemy tanks on this mini map and you’ll get the control over this zone (it will be indicated as yours on the global map). No respawns, of course. The more zones are under your control the more bonuses and extra features you get. Please ask more questions if something remains unclear.

    Q: Can battlefields be of greater number of tanks instead of the traditional 15 v 15?

    A: we have a limitation on the number of players in a team in the Russian closed beta and this limitation is equal to 15. Still, the number of players for a team will be increased up to 30 depending on a map; thus some clan war battlefields will hold up to 60 panzers accordingly.


    Fact: Clans can sign treaties, non-aggression pacts, become vassals, etc. Having a couple of solid alliances will help protect the Clan’s flanks and rear. But we also expect a lot of treachery, changing alliances, double-agents, stubbing in the back and other political tricks.

    Q: can i set the clan to have 2or 3 leaders, or positions with same power, cause i plan to have a cooperative leadership clan, rather then 1 leader.

    A: We are inclined to allow the community to manage permissions within their clans on their own.

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    Moby, daj pogledaj ako mozemo registrirat klan.



    Nema šanse; možemo se probat merđat i nastupat zajedno sa Nosebleedom; kako ćemo mi skupit 15 ljudi za meč?



    15 ljudi? U jebemti.

    Ajd pitaj te Nosebleed,kolko njih ima pa cemo nesto rjesit.



    Ma bit će njih… oni su g33k skupina… kad zagrizu na nešto ala Krlo style skupi se njih i po 50…



    Bas smo o tome diskutirali na klanskoj kavi… Mislim da mi kao 051 s ovom brojkom igraca nemamo bas nikakve sanse za ozbiljniji nastup :\

    E sad, Nelito, Srdo, Meerko, Vrana,… ima ih tamo u NB-u dosta dobrih igraca pa ako bi se kako uspijeli joinat….

    Mislim da ovaj klan wars daje jednu potpuno novu perspektivu na igru i da ce se upravo na tom djelu najvise taktizirat, odnosno to ce licit na prave tenkovske borbe a ne na poneke ruch houer-e na ovim standard borbama 😉



    A da sacekate da igra krene “for real”, bit ce jos hrvata i slicnih, koji ce htjet joinat Ri051, na kraju krajeva tako je i sa Armijom bilo, masa ljudi se upoznala s igrom tek kad je dosao SF, a i klan je porastao za nekoliko ljudi.

    Vidim online sve vise ex-yu ekipe i siguran sam da bi uspjeli napraviti vlastiti klan sa 15-30 igraca iz Rijeke ili ovih prostora, ali ajmo pricekati dok ne krene za pravo. Sta ces u NB-u ako se ne osjecas kao doma… a doma se osjecas jedino u svom klanu!



    nacin na koji su to zamislili zvuci odlicno na prvu.

    od kuda su ti NBovci? Ri?

    ako mislimo igrati takave clan wars bitke mislim da ce biti bolje da se udruzimo sa nekime jer ako budu bile dvije do tri borbe na dan (prama napisanome cini mi se da ce biti i vise) i tako svaka 24 sata mi sami to necemo niti priblizno moci pokriti.

    Sada nas jos drzi zanos nove igre ali znamo svi kako je bilo sa AA, tri do cetri igraca stalna kroz godinu dana a ostali zna se..

    Barem da budemo fer prema igracima koji bi igrali da ako vec nema nas da mogu gustati sa drugom ekipom a ako nas se skupi (trajno) uvjek mozemo zahtjevati određeni postotak zastupljenosti u borbama (npr 5 nasih 10 njihovih igraca).

    Prosjek koji nas se skupi svakodnevno za sada je 4-5 igraca



    Grijesis u prosjeku igraca jer ti vidis samo nas par iz Ri051 a skoro pa uvijek ima jos barem toliko aktivnih igraca na NB TeamSpeek-u

    Sad kad ste nabildali svoje tier-ove sve postaje interesantnije… Jucer smo odigrali nekoliko rundi nas 6 iz klana sta je vec apsolutno releventno (to je ipak pola voda).

    Koliko vidim NB-ovci su jako army brija jer osim ssta WoT-aju aktivni su airsoftovci… 🙂

    Di srece da se ovaj klan pretvori u razaraca istocne Eurupe na karti! Da krenemo od SSR-a pa gazimo do portugala 😉

    Za sad, na svakodnevnoj bazi srecemo:

    – Ajkula (overkill)

    – B051ljko (prof. 54mm)

    – D3uha

    – Dakky (SPG kamper)

    – Krle aka Hrvoj 😉

    – Minigun (nesto rijedje)

    – Moby

    – RimTu-(iTamo)

    – Troky (u vecernjim satima)

    Na drugoj strani su

    – Meerko

    – Nelito (skoro ko Ajk)

    – Srdo

    9+3=skoro pun vod a igra je u fucking BETI!

    Meni mirishe na dobro, pogotovo kad tome dodamo onu frisku statistiku sa 300.000 AKTIVNIH igraca!



    @Moby sanjaš…

    Nema teoretske šanse da Ri051 i tih par ljudi s kojima se napucavamo održava 15 vs 15 mečeve… Ali baš nikakve; minimalan minimum za kompetitivan plej je x3, dakle ako ti trebaju 4 igrača za meč, moraš mati 12 aktivnih… U ovom slučaju, to je 45; i na tome se radi…

    BTW. Nosebleed je ekipa g33xora, ima par super ljudi (uglavnom iz Zgb-a) dok je ostatak rasut po europi… TO je tipičan g33k gameing klan; dakle u pravilu ih ne interesira niti druženje na forumu, a kamoli što drugo… Dakle kada ta čitava stvar krene, možemo se probati priheftati njima; ili oni nama, whatever…

    BTW. Što se učestalosti tiče; Srdo je manijak koji radi u vladinoj agenciji za promicanje izvoza i gubljenje vremena i u Ajk kategoriji je, a valja spomenuti i Trilla aka Vranu, koji je vrlo redovit…

    Adresa njihovog teamspeaka je http://www.nosebleed.me ; a pass ću sveknut u chatbox da ga baš svi ne vide…



    Jebo vas Ajk ! 😀 :smt033

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