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    Ne znam jel ste možda već vidjeli no evo ako ste zainteresirani:

    quote sa aadaily foruma

    TddyBeaR wrote:

    We proudly present our second edition of CyberNoob League. Here are the main informations you have to know about it :

    * CNL will begin first with a groupstage, with top 2 teams proceeding to the playoff.

    * 32 teams, but this number can be increased to 64, or at least 24.

    * Matchday is set on Tuesday @ 20:30 pm (CET), with the first match on 2th December

    * 2 maps by match, fixed on groupstage and free on playoff.

    You can find all informations about our tournament on our website, feel free to ask us your questions on the forum. Sign up fast as possible, there isn’t illimited slots : )

    GroupStage maplist :

    Week 1 : SF CSAR & SF SandStorm – 2th December

    Week 2 : Rummage & Woodland Outpost – 9th December

    Week 3 : Bridge SE & Weapons Cache – 16th December

    After groupstage, there’ll be a Christmas break of 2 weeks : ) So playoff starts 6th January.

    Playoff maplist :

    Border, Collapsed Tunnel, Dusk, Insurgent Camp, Mout Mckenna, SF Oasis, Pipeline, SF Village, Urban Assault, Weapons Cache SE.

    Sign ups are open now : :woohoo:



    Jel igdje piše koliko igrača?



    “A team need at least 4 members, and must stay accessible by a website or a MSN account. ”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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