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    Partial list of update 7.2 features:


    Alternate branch of American Tank Destroyers with turrets, starting at T82:

    M8A1 (tier IV)

    T49 (tier V)

    M18 Hellcat (tier VI)

    T25-2 (tier VII)

    T28 Prototype (tier VIII)

    Changes in American Heavy Tank branch:

    T30 moved to alternate branch as a tier IX Tank Destroyer

    T30 replaced by Т110E5

    T34 moved to Premium Tanks

    Т34 replaced by М103

    Maps (working titles, subject to change)


    Live Oaks

    New features:

    In-game novice training;

    Approx. 20 additional crew skills and qualifications;

    Remaining rounds indicator for guns with multi-round autoloading mechanisms;

    Reworked team lists and ‘Tab’ key tables;

    New additional camouflage for each nation;

    Corrected German camouflage patterns;

    Clan emblems;

    Repairing vehicle module/healing crew member in one click when one module/one crew member is damaged/wounded;

    User-friendly reticle settings.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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