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    After playing against you there was an unanimous oppinion in our TS. This people are GREAT. That was not a problem of skill or who won the match… It was about the way of doing things.

    I wanted to begin this message telling you that there is a pleasure an in this days a surprise, to find people wich such good manners in TWL.


    The other reason of this message is to make u an offer…. we’d be pleased to make scrims with you. Maybe it is helpfull for both to learn a little 🙂

    What do you think about that?



    Hey mates! Im a TWL Captaion from ToRo Clan my clanmates have talking so good about you guys and we thinking that we can play scrims to improve our skills.

    You guys can contact with us via msn or via xfire o via teamspeak.





    Hola, m8s!

    thanks for such honest enthusiasm 🙂 Been to Spain couple of times and I already know that people from Croatia and Spain are highly compatible, gotta be something about the Mediterranian coast 🙂

    Seriously, this reaction is probably because of avarege age of members of our team, around 29, and we have bigger problems/joys than loosing/winning a TWL match.

    About screams. We like screams but in last few months we are a bit preoccupied with life, moving, having children, breaking up, getting hooked, so we have difficulties gathering 4 members for TWL, U’ve seen how ours match played along 🙂 Out of around 15 members at the moment we can count on maybe half, and i dont think arranging a scream would be a success.

    The best way to make it happen is for u to come in the evening, around 22:30 and try to find us on SF Extraction, if there’s more than 3 of Ri0’s we can really SCREAM 🙂






    hi guys

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