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    Eto prilike za ponešto golda svima…

    On the 1st of April starting 20 and up to 22 GMT the team of WOT developers and moderators invites the users to the battlefields. Having organized tank companies of your own you will get an opportunity to win over the rivals and get 1000 gold each for the victory. In case of defeat you will still be winners as 500 gold will be enrolled to your accounts.

    If your tank company happens to appear struggling with the tank-knights of Wargaming twice, you won’t be granted any gold for your second and all the further battles. However all the victories still count as they can’t but bring the enjoyment of defeating such enemies. Use your only chance to kill them all!



    1st of April…



    I ja mislim da je aprilililili :/



    jes but

    ako misle “potaknuti” ljude da plate gold na način da od njih rade budale za 1. april i ostale dane u mjesecu sa onim ciframa po kojima ga prodaju mislim da ce im se ubrzo prestati isplatiti razvijati igru

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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