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    napisite svoju prichu

    “Oh no !” said Groo , “I forgot to tell Bosiljko where I live! I hope she/he can find the way!” But it was too late. Bosiljko was already lost deep in the great forest. “What do I do?” Bosiljko questioned out-loud. But only a/an bear on a stump nearby seemed to answer. It made a loud roar and Bosiljko finished . It was growing dark, and Groo was growing scared. When all of a sudden, from behind a tree came a sound like pictures running ! It was the giant snake that lived under Groo ‘s porch eating its puding ! Bosiljko cleverly decided to follow the giant snake back home. Later, Bosiljko said, “If it wasn’t for the giant snake , I would still be eating around in the woods!”.


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