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    Winter always comes when you least expect it. Cold winds bring over heavy grey clouds stealing the sun and day light. And man, it is cold! Even the hottest blooded tankers get chills, gasoline cools down to a point of condensation, engine oil becomes viscid, tracks are blocked with ice, and a gun barrel grows an icicle.

    Staying put and idle in this situation will lead to a certain death. Not only will you risk getting shot by a stray shell, but, most definitely, you will turn into a snow clad tank hill. The only way out is to move fast and move at all times.

    No surprises that some of the major WWII action happened in freezing cold conditions: the Winter War between Finland and USSR, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of Bulge.

    Rally your troops for we declare the start of the Operation Winter Assault Special. No staying behind defense lines, no hiding in ditches – charging forward is the only goal.

    Starting at 5:30 UTC on Sunday, 4 December and until 5:00 UTC on Monday, 12 December, stock on gear and ammo for superior fire power:

    * Up to 58% discount on gold rounds;

    * 60% discount on gold consumables (new price during the special – 20 gоld);

    * 50% discount on equipment;

    * 50% discount on garage slots purchase.

    Defrost your tanks and get ready for action!

    December promises to be a hot month for promos and discounts. Follow our news reel to be on the top of your game.

    A taman sam skupio 1.5 mil… otići će sve u vjetar



    Napokon dobri popusti..<3



    Haha, ja skupio 13 mil sa kojima ne znam šta bi 🙂 Po dva od svakog modula 🙂 I brdo zlata za T30, KV, T32, M4 🙂



    ŠOPING TAJM!!!!!!!!!

    Jebote osjećam se ko malo djete na božić..opet kupujem sve one silne tenkove..



    6 novih tenkova za sada i pao sam sa 23 mil. na 6 mil. srebra..:D

    A moram kupiti još dosta tenkova..:D



    snobe jedan!



    ovo su provokacije a neki skupljaju za module



    Pao sam na 2 mil.:(

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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