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    Čisto informacije radi, Rejected je klan u koji su prešle dvije Reunited izbjeglice (dugo su trajali 🙂 tarzan i madek… Dakle, dečki ne bi trebali biti nubeki i mogli bi odigrati koji sat bridgea prije meča…. zagrijavanja radi…



    kad se skupljamo za bridge veceras



    Dojdem i ja prijavio sam se!! Valjda ce neko falit!!:-)




    TWL Bridge vs Rijeka 051 [2006-04-19]

    Assault: Well 1 hour wasted of my life waiting for the game to start when it did they had the wrong veiw on in game Stupid cunts … so we had to reconnect and wait another 10 to 15 mins which was a pain…. But we got the show on the road and lost the next round so it was 0-2 at this point then we rushed them and won the 3 round so it was 1-2 Ooo yea great comms on Assualt ( more like what the fuck are we doing ) … So the next round we stayed back because Steel had a feeling they where going to Rush and Nade was he right CORRECT … So they wasted a few nades and we started a move BLA BLA BLA we lost the next two round and won the last round to make it. Score 2-4

    Defence: First Round i get 203 from the Side door on the Defence Arch leaving the lads to suffer… but out of no where Steel Super Nades blows up one of them and then zrz super flash kill another …Then zrz gets flash and he still owned him but the last guy which was (little shit) goes for the objective. Score: 2-5. So we know we had to make some Noobie kinda go of this .. waiting nearly 2 hour to play the cunts… Second round ELak had like 1 million Bullets Every kill was SPAM never saw one of them kills …. RoeReaper and zrz with are Sniping Skill (Blind Cunts :p) took a good few….. Wounder Nade himself (Steelfire) sneaked up and Nade them while they tried to pick us off …. We done this the next 5 rounds. Score 7-5 to RjctD_Hooah !!!

    Lineup: eLaK, $teelfire, zrz, RoeReaper


    Pizde jedne a èinili su se OK tokom meèa. little shit LOL


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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