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    Nabasao sam na vrlo zanimljič članak stanovitog gospodina Jabuke (fakat se potrudio) o taktici na Urbanu. Neka naš novi misteriozni snajperista pročita… (a ni ostatku ne bi škodilo)

    I have decided to write some lines about Urban and the role of the sniper on that masterpiece of map.

    The possible tactics on Urban are nearly unlimited compared to many standard maps in AA. Sometimes the engagement looks a bit chaotic but if the team is good the movement becomes well planed and good organised like in the A-Team big smile

    Urban can be played in many different ways. Two most used of them are:

    A. Move like dancing a Walzer (left cycle + the faster the better)

    B. Rush to both cargos and secure them (Fast runs + shock factor via support fire)

    But how to win in a row?!

    The key of winning many rounds in a row is to force the enemy your style of play! He has to move, run, hide, etc. where and when YOU want him to do so. There is a book about many cool and true statements written by Sung Tsu I could write down here… (google for it)

    The regular weapon classes are well known and most usable on Urban. Of course it depends ond skills and routine to be good but if you compare a normal Urban match with almost even teams you will recognize that: No side can get the upper hand for long if the teams are balanced! A team get the score because one of the teams HAS to get the score. In most cases such matchs end up with 4:3. You see alot of luck and “karma” to call it like that.

    To get the upper hand you need some evil masterpiece of weapon. Some kind of “Deathstar” to crush them. Some kind of special weapon that makes your enemy run in panic because there is no Skywalker fighting with them. Well it is there and what you need a is a good player who makes good use of it. The ultimate “Sniper class”!

    The Sniper class decides about winning and loosing rounds in a row! How does this work? I will explain my opinion about that:

    First of all:

    1. There is no camping on Urban. Don’t get me wrong. I have never seen a good camper team winnning in a row. If your team looses against a defense oriented opponent you need to organise your team better and outsmart them. Urban gives you so many options and teamplay is the key!

    2. A Sniper is not a defender (camper, as noobs often complain). How could he defend effectivly? He doesn’t have the apropriate toys to defend a spot or even himself against the enemy.

    So the task of the sniper is not to defend. It is to cast panic, hate and terror over the enemy. The effects of such fear are well known.

    The next most important factor to win as a team in a row is to know what the enemy team is trying to do. That is where the sniper comes into play. If he is doing good he is able to achieve a good “scare” or “hate”-factor. If I play I decide to snipe almost every round from one spot. In “lategame” situations where noone secured cargo and around 3 players still moving on the map the sniper has to start moving too to help out. But that should not happen alot if your team get the upper hand from sniping.

    Why from mostly one spot?

    Because the enemy has to learn that if he is crossing that spot he will catch a bullet for sure. Of course the sniper has to earn the respect by hitting his target!

    Let me explain it with “levels” you have to achieve wile playing as a sniper on urban, as the progress is described the good this way in my eyes:

    Level 1: “I come to teach you!” Hit 1 enemy from your spot per round, and don’t get killed in the 1st halftime of a round

    Level 2: “Battle of the snipers!” The enemy will send a sniper to battle you. Make the enemy sniper avoid you by outsmarting him with your skills!

    Level 3: “The winner takes it all!” Now Every enemy who shows up is dead! No sniper to battle you you can stay cool and make max use of your sniper.

    Level 4: “Love and hate the sniper!” Enemies start to “hate” the sniper and fight or sneak the way to the sniper to take revenge. the sniper got “fans” now as he become the most popular target the opposite team would like to catch. Of course your team should start to lovethe sniper now wink because now the winning in a row can begin.

    Level 5: “Shot the hated!” Cover is imminent! Now your teammembers should get maximum benefit from your sniper skills as they can catch berserk enemies that are heading to the evil sniper. Easy kills in my eyes but there should be one or two good teammates that cover the sniper because the enemy may organise his ambitions better. Bodyguards may get the most frags now. The cargo should be an easier task to take now, too.

    Level 6: “Resignation!” Enemy has given up and avoid to cross your line of fire and to hunt you. Now you can eat a Snickers big smile

    The higher the defined level you reached is the bigger the benefit for your team. Of course this kind of “theoretical” levels aren’t reached easy. The higher levels depend on teamplay and are not reachable if you play with teammates that play in “singleplayer”-mode!

    If it works well you reach another level:

    Level 7: “TEAM Pwnage!” The hunt is in full progress! Enemy is in disorder and true chaos.

    if you want to improve your skills on Urban i suggest to practice in a small team after you played on urban for some hours. That way you learn the most important factors of winning:

    1. Stay unseen/alive!

    2. Scout for enemy!

    3. Make an ambush!

    4. Vanish as fast as you come!

    Reminds me a bit of ninjas…. wink

    Anyway, have alot of fun with Americas Army and Urban Assault.

    There are some forumposts about general Urban tactics. I suggest to read them if you need some ideas about Urban tactics.

    Don’t take it to serious if you joined the wrong team compared to your “style of play”!

    I want to encourage everyone to contribute his knowlege about tactics seen on Urban Assault

    <span class=’smallblacktext’>[ Edited ]</span>

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