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    “=M@ddog=” <>

    to me, littlegun, Anticheat, Insuw, qualitycontrol

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    1:28 am (10 hours ago)

    You were caught using an Invalid Netspeed setting while using CDC. You are suspended from all TeamWarfare competition for a period of 90 days. If you are found to be playing in TWL matches during that time or using CDC you will be banned from TeamWarfare and from CDC. .

    If it is found that the player has entered any match, he will be immediately banned and the founder suspended for 30 days.

    We, at TeamWarfare take any cheating very seriously and expect the teams to also.

    You have 72 hours to appeal

    2/6/07 13:08:15 : >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (517) [Ri051]RimtuTiTuki CODE 7000 :: ConfiguredInternetSpeed :: 6440 : RIP : UID 7DB0B43F0F0A29E59E09AE4849C797E5 : AAIP 62-67-42-127

    Sta je neko novo pravilo da NetSpeed mora bit defaultnih 10000, meni je bio 6440???

    Koji qrac me jebu, pa niko nema Netspeed 10000….



    ne znam ali pitaj na twl forumu…..

    btw meni je zadnjih 2 godine netspeed 10000 😉



    koliko ja vidim samo je Pepe “SUSPENDED” an roasteru…



    Ma oni su kreteni…..



    color sound kurac palac correction je ok, a netspeed nije?

    Kao sto rekoh, nemam namjeru igrati aao do daljnjeg

    ovo je pretuzno…

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