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    Eto par “hintova” odnosno skrivenih featura i slicnih gluposti… yetia i fora stvarcica iz drage nam Igre….

    Ja sam se iznenadio da ima toliko skrivenih fora (easter egg-ova) u igri … za neke sam doduse znao.. ali evo cijele liste:

    Napomena: neke mozda ne rade jer tekst koji sam nasao izgleda kao da je pisan za dosta stariju verziju!!

    Hint: Hidden Yeti

    Note: This trick requires the weapons cache special addition. First, play the weapons cache by yourself by typing start weapons_cache_se at the console window. Then, at the map start, type playerlock 0 at the console window. Next, go to the elevator access by going to primary objectives, go to the bottom of the ladder, and type fly in the console window. Go up to look into the elevator. There should be a Yeti there, with his arms up and mouth open.

    Hint: Large enemy soldier target

    On the 24 range, enable the mpcheat ghost and playerlock0 codes. Approach the white target and go behind it. A big enemy soldier target will appear.

    Hint: Hidden sunset picture

    Enable the start sfvillage code. After the level starts, enable the mpcheat ghost code. Start moving backwards into the ground and keep looking up until you see a small area that is sectioned off from the rest of the level. When you get there, walk into the middle of the area and look around. There should be wallpaper and a miniature sun.

    Hint: Queensryche reference

    In the medic training in the hospital, there is a reference from Queensryche’s album Operation: Mindcrime. Listen to the doctors being paged. You will hear “Dr. Davis, telephone please. Dr. Davis, telephone please.” then you will hear “Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J. Hamiliton”. You can hear these exact same pages in the first and last tracks of Operation: Mindcrime, when the character the album is about, Nikki, is in the hospital under observation by authorities. This album was released in 1988.

    Vidis mislio sam da je vise toga.. Znam za jos par yetija (Hospital itd.) al tu ih nema na listi…. al eto i ovo je dovoljno fora :smt041



    ima yeti iznad aviona na farmi



    Hmm bio je i na pipi… preko puta spawn-a par metara van zida.



    Nema yetia na WCSE

    na hospitalu ima kod escort spawna pa desno, iza zavoja



    koliko ja znam na wc se nikad nije ni bio, nego na obicnom WC u liftu


    jetija na pipi nema jos od verzije 2.1

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